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THEY KILLED CHARLIE!! NOO!! THAT'S SUCH A DAMN MEAN THING TO DO... *Whimpers* If you don't know I'm talking about Charlie from Supernatural, she's a cute red head who appeared in season seven, she's returned and now she's dead!! I liked her, she was one of my favorite characters (And I sort of had a crush on her...I like red heads. *shrugs*) It's such a mean thing to do...The fans loved her, they're so mean! Charlie, why?! Why did you agree to do something behind Dean's back when you knew that always ends up going badly! Charlie...Why... *screams* Charlie...Why Charlie why... 

Anyways...On a different note I realized something, if I try to tie "Ninjago: High School Never Ends" and "Nightly Conversations" together, I'd really mess up the story line of both of them, considering "Nightly Conversations" Would come before and it has evil Garmadon well the other has good Garmadon...So that's a no go. Still not sure wither or not I can pull off tying "The Spell of Love" and "A Flower in the Dark" together considering both have barely even been written. 

Anyways back to what I was saying before...I really wonder why they killed Charlie...Then in hind sight they killed off Bobby too...Both deaths were sad but I'm upset about Charlie cause I'm not sure if she'll get any parts (like Bobby has appeared in his personal heaven and helped the boys, they've had to save him from hell, he's still had small scenes with him in them.) But Charlie...I'm sad about this though I was sad about Bobby too, but...Charlie was...A cute little red head... *Quietly sobs* *screams* I'm gonna miss Charlie a lot...I can't believe they did that though...I mean when she started she was probably only supposed to be a one time guest but she was in about six episodes maybe? I'm probably wrong but...My point stands...I'm gonna miss Charlie, I mean I know why they killed her but...No one likes when one of their favorite characters dies...Especially not an over emotional idiot like myself...
That's all for now, people, Robynee out.

P.S. I may not be on tomorrow because we're celebrating my birthday one day earlier so I can relax on my actual birthday. I'll be see "Ex-Machina" with my brother and mom, then we're going to poke around some of the shops near the theater (mainly Barns and Noble XD) then to lunch and back. I have no idea though. I promise I'll tell you all how the movie is! 

P.P.S. Also that reminds me, this summer I'm hoping to write "The Chronicles of Darkness: Without the Boundaries" but I will need to know how many people will want a copy (cause I plan to try and make actually paper back versions (limited amount) and they will be signed. But this is a big if.) And hopefully it'll be popular enough (I'll probably put it on Amazon for the kindle if I manage to figure out how to.) that I'll be able to get it published. But that's a big hope, I can only hope it comes true. Anyways that's some time away so, for now...I just need some knowledge...As well as a cover but I'll worry about that when the time comes due.
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Submitted on
May 6, 2015