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'You're Back!!' Almost finished drawing! by StarfurBleedingbone
New Wintry Rough Design by StarfurBleedingbone
Rough design Yament by StarfurBleedingbone
Though I use tutorials I believe that maybe I should do them as commissions. Some might be colored others may not be, it depends on what you ask for. When it comes to art I'm a little shaky, and there are a lot of limits to what I can do without tutorials, so I have rules. But since I doubt anyone will buy a commission I'm not putting them here, but if you actually note me and tell me what you want, then I'll tell you wither or not I can actually draw it.
Writings (Stories, Poems, and Songs)
I will write just about anything, I really do not have a limit. The price is a little high because writing takes time, especially good writing. I will try my hardest to write what you are imagining. I will also write songs and sing them if you want me too, I'll write poetry but I will warn you I cannot rhyme very well thanks to my dyslexia. 

With the stories I will try my hardest to get the characters personalities correct, I apologize if I don't, I have a bit of trouble with personalities. I will write a full story to just a short story for the same price. I really don't mind. But with full blown stories it may take me a while to finish them so I would need time. 

All of these things stay the same price no matter what you ask me to write about.
Outfit designs
Clan leader kimono, female, kimono 1 by StarfurBleedingbone
WIP Outfit design (I dunno what to call it) by StarfurBleedingbone
Clan leader, female, outfit 3 by StarfurBleedingbone
Clan leader kimono, female, kimono 2 by StarfurBleedingbone
If you can describe the outfit to me I will do my best to draw it out. I am not the best at drawing but I will do my hardest to draw the outfit you want. If you want me to design an outfit for a character or a certain scene please tell me about the character and or about the scene and I will do my hardest to draw something that would look good with the scene or character. 
Cat thingys
Gadget a request from I'maninjawizard by StarfurBleedingbone
I can do somethings with these cat things, but not a lot, so sorry. Though I have been experimenting a bit, so I can do a little more with them, their design has been changed a bit.
So hey guys! Guess who I just became obsessed with? An old man named Ford *cough* From Gravity Falls if you didn't know that! *cough* I'm hoping to get personalities down so I can make a fan fiction. But I don't know what to write about other than Ford maybe being in Pagama considering he was in the multi-verse and no one knows what crazy shit went down in there.
You might be thinking that I'm crazy, and you're probably right, but I like Ford a lot. His voice actor is Cave Johnson from Portal 2 and he's just such an awesome character! OH AND I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR COMICCON NEXT YEAR! MY BROTHER SUGGESTED WE GO AND DIPPER AND MABLE AND HE ACTUALLY SEEMS LIKE HE'S GOING TO DO IT WITH ME! MYSTERY TWINS! MYSTERY TWINS! Other than we aren't twins, but I'm still really excited. 
I'm really sad to hear that Gravity Falls is going to be finished soon, but Alex said he might bring it back in the article. But I respect what he's doing rather than it getting really bad, he's having the show go out well it's still really amazing. I'm going to cry like a baby when it ends. But if I read the article right, he said that there should be three episodes left and the last one is the final, which is an hour long.
Here's the article that my mom sent me that smashed my heart! The article  
I probably read it wrong though. I'm so sad to see it end!! I thought it was longer than two seasons! It sucks...But I think I prefer it staying amazing and it ending that way then it continuing and being horrible. 

So anyways, any suggestions for the fan fiction would be awesome! 
And do expect some new fan-fictions and stuff, like "When We Freeze Over", "Her Lies" and "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". And probably another writing assignment from English. "Her Lies" is more of an original story than anything and I'm not sure if that's  the title or not, I don't really remember.

So everyone, how are you all this fine day? 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
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Hello whom ever decides to read this, my name is Robyn. I am a young female who fears talking with others for she doesn't want to bother them nor does she want them to hate or ignore her. When I get upset, people make me mad or when I'm in a bad mood, I will get upset and angry. I'm sensitive so please watch what you say to me.

I have social anxiety so I find it really hard to talk to new people or to start conversations for I fear that i may get yelled at, make the person mad or be bothering the person. So it takes me a while to gain the courage to talk to new people/ people.

I do not enjoy when others ignore or forget me, it makes me feel useless and like shit. I do not trust other very well, I have trust issues because I have been betrayed, ignored and forgotten. I have been trying to fix my trust issues, but that has failed multiple times, so trusting people has gotten even harder for me.

I love to write and draw but I prefer writing over drawing. I love to read manga and watch anime. I love Japan, I love it's culture and I love the langue they speak there.

I live in the United States, I have auburn hair, some times I'll call it sandy brown with natural red high lights. I have brown eyes that shift between the shades of brown. I wear glasses for I am near sighted, with out my glasses I can not see very well.

I am obsessed with the character Zane Julien from the television show Ninjago.
I am also obsessed with Castiel from Supernatural.

I am the admin of :iconaskcyndershade: and :iconaskebonyandcollins:

I love writing with other people. I am in the process of writing a book.


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